Capital Reach System Requirements and Troubleshooting Steps

I. Overview

Follow these steps to determine if your computer has the system requirements to view the presentations.

A. Review Hardware Requirements - Please read Hardware Requirements, section II below, to be sure your computer has the proper hardware to view the presentations. If your computer does not meet the minimum system requirements, your system will perform slowly and will have a difficult time loading presentations and navigating within them.

B. Review Software Requirements - This webcast is supported on computers running the Windows Operating System and Macintosh operating system.

C. Mobile Device Users - mobile device users, view support information below.

D. Troubleshooting Tips - If you are unable to view presentations after reviewing the hardware and software system requirements outlined in this document, follow the Troubleshooting Steps section below.

II. Hardware Requirements

You must have the following hardware components in order to view presentations.

A. COMPUTER: Minimum processor and memory as recommended by operating system manufacturer.

B. INTERNET CONNECTION: A broadband Internet connection is required.

C. SOUND: 16-bit sound card and speakers

D. DISPLAY: A VGA display set to a screen area of 1024 x 768 pixels or higher and 16 bits of color or higher.

III. Software Requirements

Windows OS System Requirements

A. Versions supported: Windows XP, Vista, 7

B. Adobe Flash Player: The webcast requires version 10 or higher of Adobe Flash Player. Consult the table provided at the URL below to determine the minimum web browser supported on each operating system version.

Check Operating System and Browser Version Support from Adobe

C. Web Browser support:

Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Firefox 3.x, Safari 4.x

Your web browser should have JavaScript enabled.

D. Allow Active Content in Windows XP Service Pack 2: Users of Microsoft internet explorer with the Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 Operating System must allow active content to be enabled to function properly.

Active content relies on ActiveX controls or computer code called a script to work properly. Microsoft Internet Explorer Help warns that "active content can be used to collect information from your computer without your permission, damage data on your computer, install software without your consent, or allow someone else to control your computer remotely. Given these risks, you should only install these programs if you completely trust the publisher." In this case, Capital Reach is the publisher and can be trusted.

To allow any website to run scripts and ActiveX controls on your computer:
1. In Internet Explorer, on the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
2. On the Advanced tab, scroll down to the Security section of the list.
3. Select the "Allow active content to run in files on My Computer" check box, and then click OK.

If you do not choose to allow all Active Content using the steps above, you may be prompted to allow active content on your computer upon loading of the web page. Please note that the webcast will not work properly without allowing active content.

Active Content can also be enabled on a case-by-case basis by right-clicking on Internet Explorer's information bar and selecting "Allow Blocked Content."

If you have the requirements listed above, then you are ready to view presentations. If you are still having problems, please review the troubleshooting steps below.

Checking Adobe Flash version

If your computer requires the Adobe Flash player, You can check your version by clicking on the link below.

If you have version 10 and are still unable to view presentations, follow these steps:

A. Update Adobe Flash Player - If you are experiencing problems viewing our content, you may need to re-install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player by clicking on the link below.

Macintosh System Requirements

The webcast requires version 10 or higher of Adobe Flash Player. Consult the table provided at the URL below to determine the minimum web browser supported on each operating system version.

Check Operating System and Browser Version Support from Adobe

Your browser should have JavaScript enabled.

IV. Mobile Device Support

Users with the Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch with an enabled Internet connection can stream sessions to their mobile device directly from the event page.

V. Troubleshooting Steps

If you are having trouble with the webcast, follow the steps below:

A. Is there a problem with your Internet connection? - try accessing other websites to make sure that there is not a problem with your Internet connection.

B. Do you have Flash Player 10 installed on your computer?

If you do not have Flash Player 10

C. Do you have sufficient bandwidth on your Internet connection to view the webcasts? Note that a broadband Internet connection of 300kpbs is required to view the video webcasts.

D. Can you play Adobe Flash files from another source?

E. Webcasts and Firewalls

Both your computer firewall(s) and your network firewall(s) need to support streaming of Flash media over ports 1935, 80, or 443. Check with your network administrator to ensure your configuration supports this.

Still Having Trouble - If you cannot play the gallery samples, please contact your system administrator for further troubleshooting support.

Difficulty Navigating within Presentations? - Users with older computers may experience delayed response when navigating within some longer presentations using indexing features such as "Browse Slides." These indexing features do function as intended but may require more time than expected on longer presentations.

If you continue to have difficulty, please send an e-mail to Please be sure to note in your e-mail the version of your operating system and Adobe Flash Player. Also note any error messages that you are receiving while attempting to load the webcast.