Washington Monument

Based in the Washington DC area, we are an experienced and owner operated streaming media team that has developed our platform for the capture and webcast of conferences. Founded in 2004, the Capital Reach team came from a background in the early years of web-development and streaming media. Our core product is our multi-year content portal that puts content first by allowing users to easily access presentations online across years or different meetings. We utilize professional grade equipment for our onsite recording work and prioritize quality assurance, attention to detail, and service throughout our presentation capture and content production process.

Our Leadership Team

Susan Bibeault


Susan is the lead developer of the Capital Reach platform and custom client solutions. She has over twenty years experience developing software applications with a focus on Internet and streaming media applications. Susan has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the Catholic University of America and a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Virginia.

Jason Bulson

Managing Partner

Jason leads Capital Reach technology implementation and business operations. He has twenty-five years of application management and development experience around streaming media solutions. Jason has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from SUNY Albany and a Masters in Business Administration from University of Maryland, College Park.


Roger Kahler II


Roger leads Capital Reach content production operations and has over twenty years of experience in streaming media content production. Roger has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Virginia.

Tom LaLonde


Tom leads customer relationships and content project management. He has over twenty years of experience managing projects in conference capture and streaming media applications. Tom has a Bachelor of Arts from Syracuse University.